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Quick Catastrophe Response

The team at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI can handle losses of any size. Due to our affiliation with DKI, the largest property restoration contracting organization in North America, we can provide all the necessary equipment and manpower to mitigate large losses quickly and efficiently. When you need catastrophe response in Palm Bay, FL, the first thing we’ll do is send a DKI licensed contractor to inspect your property before any repairs are begun. This allows us to create a customized property restoration plan for your home or business. We work with you and your insurance company, and the project stays transparent by keeping you informed during each phase. All of our contractors are continually trained, educated, and certified to offer top-quality property restoration services for any damages from fire, storm, water, mold, and other catastrophes.

home crushed by tree

Committed to Serving You in Urgent Situations

It can be frustrating and difficult to know what you should initially do when your home or business is hit by a disaster. Armstrong’s Restoration DKI ensures that you don’t have to deal with it alone when you call us. Our team of licensed and certified contractors is committed to helping you and your family in urgent situations. When your home is affected and in need of catastrophe damage restoration, we provide specialists with the training and expertise to give you and your property the support and care you need. We’ll get your property back to its pre-disaster condition and put your life back on track.

Rapid Response in Emergencies

The team of contractors at Armstrong’s Restoration DKI understands the challenges that families and businesses face when they’re hit with an emergency restoration and cleanup. Our specialists in catastrophe response provide Palm Bay, FL residents with fast response time and quick treatment to fire damage, water damage, and other issues to salvage everything possible and preserve your property. We take care of your home or business in a matter of days, and that difference in the results shows over time by eliminating worry about structural integrity or mold growth. If your property has been struck by a catastrophe, give us a call today and get a free inspection and consultation before filing a claim.

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